June 2017

People have been asking me what’s been happening since my last post.  SO many things…I’ll try to list them in some semblance of order.



I am blessed with the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and she lives in a lovely 2 bedroom home off the bay side of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  When tax season came to an end, I boarded a plane and took off for her neck of the woods for a well deserved vacation.  A full week of sun (it actually rained every day but 2) fun and food. (Never got my Key Lime Pie, but I got seafood, ribs and one of the best grilled steaks I’ve ever had!)


The 35th Annual RT (Romantic Times) Booklovers Convention took place this May in Atlanta.  Held at the lovely Hyatt Regency we spent several days visiting, networking, note-taking and partying with other writers, celebrities, agents, publishers, and of course Lady Barrow herself, Kathryn Falk, who was just as gracious and kind as that first time I met her back in 1992 in Savannah.

My roommate was a fellow author, Catherine Stine, (aka Kitsy Clair) who was by far the best roommate I’ve had in a very long time.  We had several grand talks…shared notes about conferences, a meal or two…and by the end of the week, we wished we were just beginning our adventure.  Keeping in touch with her by Facebook and Messenger now, because I already miss her!

One of the fun things about RT week was our chance to meet so many readers.  Everywhere I went I was greeted with smiles and good wishes.  My favorite quote was from MEDIA GURU Nancy Berland who whispered, “I’ve been following you!” when she was speaking with her client…Meg Tilly, who has a brand new book out now writing under the pseudonym ‘Sara Flynn’….and it’s flying off the shelves.hero-banner-home2

Look for her to star with Brad Pitt in a  Netflix drama “War Machine”.  Wouldn’t it be nice to play the wife of Brad Pitt???  Oh sorry…I was dreaming there for a second.  ANYWAY, she was super nice and very talkative… I forgot she was a celebrity!


I say rescue in a funny way.  Actually I now have my wonderful son Matthew living with me for a few months before he starts school here in SC.  I love having someone to talk to again…I swear people were beginning to think I’d lost my ever loving mind as I’d tend to mumble to myself quite regularly.  At any rate, I am now back in SC, done with traveling for awhile, and knee deep in finalizing “NIGHT MUSIC” and the outlines galore that go with my new project…which I am keeping a secret for now.

Don’t even try to tempt me…this one stays hidden.



Coloring Under The Covers…a non-profit organization that takes popular authors and their book covers and turns them into intricate and glorious coloring pages for an exclusive adult coloring book, has a new volume out.  It is VOL 2, and it benefits The Rose, for breast health.  You can order your copy through my Amazon Author website, because on page 41, is the black and white image of “LOVE NEVER ENDS” and the blurb, and on page 42, a wonderful coloring page that creatively ties in all the lovely things of my first full length romance.

Available now through August 24th.


You don’t want to miss this.

Amazon Author Site


Happy Summertime!!

Updates, Delays and an Overdue Vacation!

It’s been too long since I wrote anything, but the main reason is that after shopping at our local Walmart this past January 16th, I reached up to close my trunk, lost my balance, fell, and broke my wrist.  I spent the next 7 weeks at my parents’ house, because, when one walks with a cane, and breaks her  wrist…she can’t walk  very well!!  The care and love that my mother showed me during this time was amazing…and I will never be able to thank her for all she did.

Now, on to more updates…

Book One, Love Never Ends, got a new face!  The cover, designed by my dear friend Tiffany Fox’s team is incredible.  It perfectly encompasses that special once in a lifetime love that Larson and Margo had for each other.  Of course I was thrilled with how it turned out…and now I hope to get Tiffany to do the other covers for me..as I believe “The Festival Series” will stay in the Indie world for a while.

I hope to shop “Doug Dawson” as a stand alone detective series, more mainstream, with more adventure and suspense, and less ROMANCE…although I’d like to find that perfect heroine for Doug, I want him to sow his oats a while longer.

In  a few days I am taking a well deserved vacation.  May 2-7 I will be at the Annual Booklovers Convention sponsored by Romantic Times Magazine.  It’s an event that I look forward to every year…so please stay tuned and don’t forget to check my Facebook Page…Robin Lynn Wildes-Author  for details on a few giveaways…especially one special signed copy of the book that started it all!!!

Good bye for now and enjoy your day!!

Merry Christmas, One And ALL!

Merry Christmas!!!merry-christmas-hd-images

I am coming to you today with a song in my heart, and a dream.

A dream that once you read this you will be moved to act.  For the gift of giving,  whether it be your time, your resources or just a few trinkets found in and around your home…well,


its like the greatest gift of all.

This season, the Christmas season, brings out all sorts of feelings.  Between the twinkling lights and the festive foods, the true meaning can be lost.  Unfortunately, these can be troubling times for many people…even the people next door.


For fourteen years, my friends, Terry and Lafaye Murphy, have organized a Christmas Dinner for the unfortunate people in the small country area I used to live, Cleveland Georgia.

The premise, NO ONE should ever spend Christmas day alone, was a mantra spoken reverently throughout our home. My son started working as a server and carver, my daughter helped to hand out gifts and clothes, my youngest son and I would sing with our jolly band leader,

ken-pappy-sanders Ken “Pappy” Sanders.

It was and is always a blessing.  Terry wears a Santa hat, and helps the older people with their plates, walks along with them through the GENTLY USED CLOTHING area, scoring bags and bags of items that would otherwise be tossed away.  Donations come into various stores and areas around the county, and on Christmas Eve, the workers gather and organize the hundreds and hundreds of new toys for the children and their families to find the following day.

Children from all ages, come with their families and are treated to a lovely meal, gifts and each child, every one…gets a new toy!christmas-joy

Terry and Lafaye also arrange for meals to be delivered to the elderly, disabled and shut ins, further perpetrating the message…NO ONE left behind, no one left alone.

In my experience, the food is wonderful, the fellowship unlike anything you would ever imagine.  Their children have grown to be selfless successful adults, and I would like to think it is this tradition of giving that has instilled that benevolent attitude in us all.

Everyone is welcome, no one is turned away…and there is always a side bet as to how long Lafaye’s voice will hold out…as she usually winds up whispering her instructions towards the end of the day.

What brings me to come to you, dear reader, is that with two weeks to go, the donations are not coming in as fast as we’d like, and the food items and new gifts for the older children are scarce at best.


So if you are in the North Georgia area, look around your house, pick up an extra can of beans or sweet potatoes, donate a ham or dessert…

And if you are not…there is something you can do…

Donations are 100% deductible, and anything monetary can be sent to Mt Yonah Book Exchange 3779 Helen Hwy Cleveland Georgia, 30528…Ellen Schlossberg proprietor Checks can be made out to Caring Hands Ministry.

If you want a real blessing…come to the event!!

Community Christmas Dinner
Sunday December 25, 2016
At the Sautee Nacoochee Center
(283 Hwy. 255 Sautee, Ga. 30571)

Happy Saturday!

I have survived the ultimate summer adventure with gusto!




Tori in my mom’s garden

My lovely grand-daughter Victoria (Tori) spent the entire month of June with us.  It was wonderful.  We worked on reading and art…she discovered the world of CAT VIDEOS on YouTube (and I never tired of listening to her laugh!)

Then for a nice change, all my children came to see me on 4th of July.  I expect it was because of the annual pool/bbq party at my aunt and uncle’s house…but it was fun nonetheless…even the dog and my pseudo daughter Jacqui and her son (p-nut) came along.  I felt very blessed!!


Me and the gang!

After my daughter and oldest son left with the majority of the crew…we (Matthew my youngest) and I kept the youngest, Kristina (Tina) for a few days.

While my son was here we spent many evenings talking…you see…it was kind of a LAST HURRAH for him…as he was moving to Portland Oregon to work and go to school.


147I was also able to watch the ongoing excitement of the media craze “Pokemon Go” which was only a little disconcerting when their popular theme music always popped up whenever we would travel somewhere..as though I had my very own soundtrack!~!


I know I will miss him very much…and my house is incredibly quiet now that everyone is back home, but how can I argue when I did the very same thing so many years ago…striking out on my own to find my way, away from my parents, but never too far.


Tragedy has struck my world…a classmate who I always admired…strong, upstanding..a veteran and an athlete who was always quick with a joke.

He was diagnosed with ALS last year, and I’m sad to report that he passed away this past Thursday, succumbing to the disease in record speed.  He was an organ donor…and several lives are now that much better for the sacrifice of his family.  We smile when we tell those special families,”Don’t be surprised if your loved one suddenly has an inherent NEED to follow the Red Sox and the Patriots!”

My sweet mama also had to say good-bye to her long time companion, BINKY  her full name Wil Lin Bin Kai…a full blooded Shih Tsu …we are missing her every day…in the silliest of times.  But she was a wonderful girl, and we will see her again when we come to the Rainbow Bridge

.Binky 6 7 16


So, now…it’s August…and the wonders of the Indie Publishing world beckon me once again.

“Night Music” Book Four of the Festival Series, is in the final stages.


I am pleased with this one…very pleased indeed…and that’s all that I’m going to say about it right now.  :-)!!



When Blunders Occur

book Two Cover

I have been curious that the release of Book Two, “No Strings”, while critically well received, did not gain the momentum that Book One, “Love Never Ends”, had, on Amazon.

I tried to consider that people just don’t give reviews anymore…there’s just no time.

Indie Label

In the Indie World of publishing, even with a moniker of Dreamland Publishing (my own name, validity in itself as I am an Indie Author) the sales at events bypassed the count on Amazon by  3:1!

At last, after I stumbled upon the blurb under the intro, I realized what had happened.

Simple really.  I had released a “Sneak Peek” edition for attendees of the Indie Mashup in Arkansas back in October of 2013.

To do so, and to advertise, I went ahead and published the half book on Amazon’s Kindle and Print…intending to pull it when the manuscript released that December.

Somehow, the description of the Sneak Peek stayed, even though the CONTENT was the full length novel.

Of course I can FIX IT,

It’s a simple matter of editing the entry.

But we are in the  middle of a promotion right now, and I don’t want to stop mid promo to do that, so…


BOOK ONE, LOVE NEVER ENDS….has been revised and contains additional scenes and information.

BOOK TWO….NO STRINGS….IS a full length (294 pages) novel, and it is available this weekend at a reduced price.

BOOK THREE…BUILDING TOWARD FOREVER….will be available for pre-order before the end of September…it should release October 20th (my parents anniversary).

Sunday is my birthday.  I am looking forward to attending church, having lunch with my parents, and settling in to the computer to work on final edits and changes.

(Book Four…Night Music…is in the wings, and I know you’re all just going to LOVE LOVE LOVE Macy’s story!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stop by my Amazon Author page and show some love.


Getting Ready for the Long Haul

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and kindness after the recent and unexpected death of my grandmother.  Your continued support means the world to me, and I wanted to share some recent updates and thoughts with all of you that follow my posts here at “festivalseries1thru4”

My grandmother passed on April 22, 2015 at around 9 am.  Her children were gathered together around her bed.  It is my firm belief that she was already in the outskirts of this realm, with her loved ones.  Her body breathed its last, and the sun broke through the clouds, anointing her favorite rose bush with sunlight, causing it to burst forth such beautiful blooms, we were instantly assured of her safe passage to Heaven.

It has been a bittersweet time for me since, as I find my way in a world without my loving companion of the past few years.

I moved in with my parents, to cleanse my soul as well as my body.  I had discovered that despite my careful attention to what I ate, I had gained a bit of weight.  My parents’ house afforded me the opportunity to find my way back to a healthy lifestyle.  Yoga and exercise every morning, moving more, eating right, small portions and lots of water and vegetables.

On July 31st I moved into my own apartment, deciding that South Carolina, the backdrop of my current series, would be my new home.

I love living here.  I can write any time I want.  I clean my house, maintain a healthy regimen of clean food, orderly organization and a happy exercise routine.  My parents live just around the corner, and my children are supportive and looking forward to my visits.

On to more exciting news.

Book Three, “Building Toward Forever” is nearing the final stages.

This story was actually my first foray into the Evans clan, originally entitled, “Festival of Love”.

I knew that the other sisters and brother would have to have a story of their own, but the original story of Preston and Adriana was something dear to me.

I learned that while my craft was good, it lacked polish, and my characters were one dimensional at best.  Contest judges cautioned me that Adriana came across childish, and warned me that immature children did not make good heroines.

So, I put the manuscript in a file folder, and dusted off the character lists of the other siblings.

First we released Larson’s story (Love Never Ends), of a love so deep that time and space could not tear it down was first, giving the reader a story of love lost and found, and the true test to loyalty and family values.

Nikki’s all business and fast paced love life was next, (No Strings), when she fell, head over spiky high heels for the rogue veteran Joe Lewis quick, hard, and fast.

In both books, we see the other key people in the series, and start to wonder about them as well.

cover 3 photo

Now comes Adriana’s story, (Building Toward Forever).  Preston knows exactly what he wants, and he wants Adriana.  He’s wanted her since she walked into his dorm room back in college, his roommate (and distant cousin) Brian’s girlfriend.

Now some years later, he is an accomplished architect, and she is an award winning cake decorator.  Her business acumen is sure, but personally she doubts herself sometimes, always stepping forward to be the sensible one, the take charge business girl, the one that does not make waves.

When Brian starts pulling strings behind the scenes, to undermine the blossoming romance between her and Preston, Adriana doesn’t know who to believe any more.

It takes a strong man to convince her that their love is true, and Preston is just the right man for the job.

I hope you all enjoy the next few posts, as I continue to promote my series on Facebook and beyond.

I remain, ever in your debt….

Robin Lynn Wildes…Author.