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Updates, Delays and an Overdue Vacation!

Source: Updates, Delays and an Overdue Vacation!


Updates, Delays and an Overdue Vacation!

It’s been too long since I wrote anything, but the main reason is that after shopping at our local Walmart this past January 16th, I reached up to close my trunk, lost my balance, fell, and broke my wrist.  I spent the next 7 weeks at my parents’ house, because, when one walks with a cane, and breaks her  wrist…she can’t walk  very well!!  The care and love that my mother showed me during this time was amazing…and I will never be able to thank her for all she did.

Now, on to more updates…

Book One, Love Never Ends, got a new face!  The cover, designed by my dear friend Tiffany Fox’s team is incredible.  It perfectly encompasses that special once in a lifetime love that Larson and Margo had for each other.  Of course I was thrilled with how it turned out…and now I hope to get Tiffany to do the other covers for I believe “The Festival Series” will stay in the Indie world for a while.

I hope to shop “Doug Dawson” as a stand alone detective series, more mainstream, with more adventure and suspense, and less ROMANCE…although I’d like to find that perfect heroine for Doug, I want him to sow his oats a while longer.

In  a few days I am taking a well deserved vacation.  May 2-7 I will be at the Annual Booklovers Convention sponsored by Romantic Times Magazine.  It’s an event that I look forward to every year…so please stay tuned and don’t forget to check my Facebook Page…Robin Lynn Wildes-Author  for details on a few giveaways…especially one special signed copy of the book that started it all!!!

Good bye for now and enjoy your day!!