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Happy Saturday!

I have survived the ultimate summer adventure with gusto!




Tori in my mom’s garden

My lovely grand-daughter Victoria (Tori) spent the entire month of June with us.  It was wonderful.  We worked on reading and art…she discovered the world of CAT VIDEOS on YouTube (and I never tired of listening to her laugh!)

Then for a nice change, all my children came to see me on 4th of July.  I expect it was because of the annual pool/bbq party at my aunt and uncle’s house…but it was fun nonetheless…even the dog and my pseudo daughter Jacqui and her son (p-nut) came along.  I felt very blessed!!


Me and the gang!

After my daughter and oldest son left with the majority of the crew…we (Matthew my youngest) and I kept the youngest, Kristina (Tina) for a few days.

While my son was here we spent many evenings talking…you see…it was kind of a LAST HURRAH for him…as he was moving to Portland Oregon to work and go to school.


147I was also able to watch the ongoing excitement of the media craze “Pokemon Go” which was only a little disconcerting when their popular theme music always popped up whenever we would travel though I had my very own soundtrack!~!


I know I will miss him very much…and my house is incredibly quiet now that everyone is back home, but how can I argue when I did the very same thing so many years ago…striking out on my own to find my way, away from my parents, but never too far.


Tragedy has struck my world…a classmate who I always admired…strong, upstanding..a veteran and an athlete who was always quick with a joke.

He was diagnosed with ALS last year, and I’m sad to report that he passed away this past Thursday, succumbing to the disease in record speed.  He was an organ donor…and several lives are now that much better for the sacrifice of his family.  We smile when we tell those special families,”Don’t be surprised if your loved one suddenly has an inherent NEED to follow the Red Sox and the Patriots!”

My sweet mama also had to say good-bye to her long time companion, BINKY  her full name Wil Lin Bin Kai…a full blooded Shih Tsu …we are missing her every day…in the silliest of times.  But she was a wonderful girl, and we will see her again when we come to the Rainbow Bridge

.Binky 6 7 16


So, now…it’s August…and the wonders of the Indie Publishing world beckon me once again.

“Night Music” Book Four of the Festival Series, is in the final stages.


I am pleased with this one…very pleased indeed…and that’s all that I’m going to say about it right now.  :-)!!