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Newsletter Available!!!

Boy, it sure is hard to keep up with everything!! I think I need several assistants, or a split personality to stay on task!!

We have a newsletter available now.  Simply email me, @ and I will be sure to include you in the weekly article.  Inside you will find out what’s going on with the Evans family, some recipes from Sylvia, (the mom), an advice column from Macy (the sister we’ll meet in book 3, Night Music) and all sorts of other goodies.  Just another way to keep in touch with YOU…the reader.

No Strings” is really beginning to take shape.  I’m so thankful to all of you who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Book Two of the Festival Series.  It’s a joy to be able to share this special family and their bittersweet moments.

So, without further ado, I offer a snippet of the upcoming CreateSpace release…”No Strings-Book Two of the Festival Series”:

When she’d reached the top landing descending into the lobby, she could see that he was already there, and took a moment to study him. He was a lot taller than she’d imagined, he had been sitting down the entire time she’d been speaking to him. He was holding his cowboy hat in his hands, standing in front of the little kiosk that held various pamphlets and flyers of the things Helen had to offer it’s tourists. He was wearing dark slacks, and the straight lines of the shirt he wore, green this time, showed several manly muscles with it’s edges tucked into his pants. A wide black belt surrounded his lean waist and she saw he was wearing cowboy boots. His hair was dark, almost black, and she noticed it was rather short, like it had been even shorter, and had just begun to grow out.


Questions started forming in her head over that but before she had time to formulate them in her head, he turned and fixed his gorgeous blue eyes on her. The smile that came across his face nearly knocked the breath out of her and she had a sudden insane urge to run back upstairs to her room, away from this…this…whatever it was. But, not being a coward, (and after all, how long can one really hide in a hotel room anyway?) she came down the stairs, taking the hand he offered, when she reached the bottom.

Good Morning, Nikki Evans,” he said, smiling at her, squeezing her hand that he held in his.

Good Morning, Joe Lewis,” she returned. Looking up, and she had to look up as he was nearly a foot taller than her now that they were on the same level, she couldn’t help but smile. “So, have you decided what you want to do today? Specific ideas anyway?”

Let’s talk over breakfast. We can make our plans after we get some calories put away!”

Helen, GA

And coffee, please,” she groaned. “Those little pots are nothing more than a tease to a true coffee drinker.”

My kind of woman,” he laughed. “Come on Sweetheart,” he said, giving her hand a tug, “we’ll get you fed and properly caffeinated before you know it!”

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