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Finally…No Strings has arrived

This past Tuesday, No Strings, the long awaited sequel to Love Never Ends, was launched.

People have been downloading and commenting already, and I am overwhelmed.

This road has taken me through a myriad of emotions, but the final result was well worth it, and I hope you, the reader, agree.Product Details

Product Details

Some of the more exciting things that have happened are funny, heartwarming, and soul-wrenching, but I would not be the writer I am today if I had not experienced these things.

First and foremost is the ongoing care and compassion we have encountered taking care of my grandmother.  This past Thanksgiving we had over 60 people come to share the meal with us.  That is every one of her children, most of her grand-children and all of her great-great grandchildren were there.  She was alert, and happy, sitting at her table with everyone.  We made several pies, chicken and dumplings (our tradition), vegetables, bread, turkey, ham,  mac and cheese…the food was incredible.  My very artistic aunt brought along some special treats for us (Turkey cookies, cake squares with Clemson/Carolina logos, and of course CHEESECAKE…and we’re talking the REAL stuff here, not the mix.)  The whole day was spent with laughter and good times.

When I attended the Indie Mashup in Arkansas, I had my favorite traveling companion, Cricket McDonnell with me.  We road long into the night from Birmingham AL and stopped just outside Tupelo Ms to stay the night in a Hampton Inn.  We were treated warmly, and got the rest we needed before heading the rest of the way to Springdale (a suburb of Fayetville) Arkansas.  When we came home three days later, we stayed at the same hotel.  I am in awe of people’ whose job it is to take care of so many people that they will never see again.  We have encountered many people in our travels, and have yet to meet someone that wasn’t kind and giving.

On the day of the event, a young lady approached my table, with a book.  Inside were pages where she had photos of books…mine was one of them, which she asked me to sign.  I had a lump in my throat, and tears in my eyes, but I signed her memory book.  It was a classic moment for me, and one I will treasure for always.

The other night, I was sitting with my grandmother watching “Hallmark Hall of Fame‘s” movie “Christmas in  Conway” and I posted that I was doing this.  My Facebook page is connected to my Twitter account, so it posted there too.  A few minutes later, my phone beeped, and I saw that my post had been RE-tweeted, by none other than the Executive Producer, Brent Shields.  He is now following my posts on Twitter, and Facebook…and I can only hope that through social media, I can get “The Festival Series” into the hands of an ambitious screen writer.  I would love that!

I enjoy writing, and I try to do so every day…even if it’s just to share some stories/news with my readers and friends on Facebook.  I look forward to meeting more and more of you in the coming months.