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What Is Today?

I think it’s Tuesday.

I have been in such a whirlwind lately I have to set alarms on my phone to make sure I don’t miss appointments.

Writing “No Strings” has been going wonderfully.  Those that have read “Love Never Ends” will remember Margo’s spitfire best friend, and Larson’s sister Nikki.  Nikki’s story is much more involved it seems, as she struggles with her life choices and then, along comes the Cowboy looking Joe Lewis.  Joe has his own demons, as a former military pilot, mercenary, and youngest brother in a military family.  When he meets Nikki all sorts of bells start ringing and he is drawn to her like no other woman has ever done.  These two have been dancing along the pages for about five chapters now, and NOW, they’re getting down to business.  But don’t think all goes smooth sailing once Joe gets Nikki right where he wants her…not even close!!!

That’s enought teasing for that…let’s see what else I can tell you.

I got it….Thursday is my birthday.  It’s hard to imagine an almost 49 year old woman excited over her impending birthday but I am a realist.  I know I don’t look like I’m fifty, and as long as I have characters like Nikki to live through, I don’t act like my age either.  We have praise team practice on my birthday, the band “Frankie Miller Band” (with two of our praise band members playing) on Friday and Saturday at a nice little club in Helen, and of Course my book-signing is Saturday in Cornelia.   My daughter also wants to celebrate my birthday,  and culminating it all is my grand-daughter Tori will spend the week with me starting this Saturday as well.  This is a very busy week for me.  But I am blessed.  In all things…every day…I thank God for the many blessings He sees fit to give to me.

And now I am off to complete the very exciting scenes that have been stewing in my mind for the last few hours.

Be blessed, gentle reader…you are always on my mind!


Self Promotional Touring the Southern States

Welcome to Abbeville

Welcome to Abbeville (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

Good Afternoon my friends.  This has been an incredible week.  Coming off my successful book signing in Macon, Georgia, I took a 2 day trip to South Carolina.  I met some wonderful people at the Index-Journal, the local paper for Greenwood, South Carolina.  I traveled over to Abbeville and met some fans, signed some books, and took a few pictures for my storyboard.   Then I came home and called a few places and placed an order for more books for my upcoming book signing in Cornelia, Georgia next weekend.


Today I went over to “The Book Store, Books With A’peal”, the wonderful little book store in Cornelia that is having the signing and spent a good hour or so with Glenda, the owner.  She showed me that my book is now listed on the Ingram site  (AMEN!!) and together we created a flyer to be given out to her customers over the next week.  She is going above and beyond for me, I must say, and I am in awe of all she does.  She is much like my heroine, Margo, going the extra mile for her local authors.  I will in turn give her public thanks not only here but in future interviews that I may have.

My biography says I am a proud grandmother.  I am also a proud daughter, grand-daughter, mother and child of God.  The paths that have been recently cleared for me are no more miraculous than the path to righteousness…a simple vow shown true every day of our lives when we choose to follow God’s plan.

Tomorrow my youngest son, Matthew, will be baptized.  I am so grateful to everyone that has helped this come to pass…not excluding our Pastor, Patrick Ballington, for always taking the time to talk to my son while he struggled with his questions.  I will be a proud mother tomorrow for sure, as I am every day as I watch my children grow and mature into wonderful, generous and caring human beings.

One more thing…

Now that “Love Never Ends” has reached her 1st month birthday, I am letting my followers know that today and tomorrow, the book is available on for free download.  This is a $5.99 savings so go over…click…and start reading!!!  You will not be sorry!

Google Maps Lie…and Other Discoveries

Good evening!


I know you think I have completely forgotten about this blog, but in my defense I have been so busy the last few days.  I am going to tell you everything that happened…with humor and at times (I hope) laughter.


I left for Macon Ga somewhat early on Wednesday.  Google maps assured me it was a 3 hr 20 minute drive.

That’s the first laugh.

I left at 11:30 and I pulled into a spot at the hotel at around 5 pm!

I got turned around in Athens (scary place when you don’t know where you are!), then again in Watkinsville.  Met some nice people at a Waffle House there that pointed me in the right direction…then again I got lost once I GOT to Macon.  The desk clerk, a really helpful woman named, September, gave me directions and I made it with only a little bit of flutter.

My editor, Wyann McDonnell, met me there about 30 minutes later.

We had dinner, and apparently she spoke to the housekeeping staff because when we got back to the room that evening there were cups and cups for coffee, 4-5 packs of regular coffee, extra Splenda(c) and tea and cocoa for Wyann.

I felt very spoiled.

We spent two days exploring the pretty busy city, getting ready for the signing, which was Saturday.

That went wonderfully.  The books arrived without incident, the room was tastefully decorated, and the refreshments were wonderful.  I met several wonderful people and the staff at the hotel repeatedly requested that we return soon.  So, maybe some bookstore in Macon would like to host a book signing for me??? Just a thought.  Loved the hotel.  (Hilton Garden Inn, Mercer University, 1220 Stadium Blvd., Macon GA!)

Okay then I came home.

Another laugh.

AGAIN I contacted GOOGLE maps and got directions to drive home.  Again they gave me roads that were not marked, and/or DID NOT exist!!  For instance….after getting on the I-10 Loop I was supposed to take Exit 12 to 441-Jefferson/Commerce.

Wonderful.  I’m on the I-10 loop, driving along and I’m counting….Exit 7,  Exit 8, Exit 9, Exit 10A, 10B..then I’m at a 4 way stop!!!!  No more exits!!!  I am on Hwy 29NW.  Luckily I know that Royston is on 29, intersects with Hwy 17N and that road will also take me home.  So…even though I technically got lost…I was fortunate to avoid a lot of traffic through Athens and Commerce…so ….I win!!

I have sold approximately 650 books.  That is including the e-books downloaded from Amazon. (some of which were “free” downloads, but I still get a payment from them)

I am a hit apparently, because the book hasn’t even been out a month yet!  Also, I have had little to no promotion other than word of mouth, and these blog posts.

The article in the Abbeville S.C. paper (Press and Banner), and also one from my hometown paper (The White County News) in Cleveland, Georgia both came out this week.

Today I went to the Shipping Depot, a little shipping store here in Cleveland…to mail a book to a friend of my mother’s.  The clerk asked me to sign the article that was in the paper when she recognized the book we were mailing.  That was cool!

Tomorrow I am traveling back to South Carolina to visit my parents, who are extremely proud of me.  I adore them, and can hardly wait to see them.

I will come home Thursday, and I will write again then.  Who knows what kind of stories I will have for you.

On The Road Again…….. :-)

In a few short hours I will be on my way to Macon, Georgia, to get ready for the first official book signing for “Love Never Ends, Book One in the Festival Series“.  This road has been frought with bad news, delayed shipments, and mis-communications, but my editor and assistant Wyann McDonnel and I will none the less push forth and get there…Devil be Gone in Jesus’ Name!

photo by Shawn M KnoxSo…shall I give you an update on the book, perhaps?  The free download Sunday, August 12th, went very well.  There were 307 downloads via US; 35 via the UK; and 6 from Germany!  Way to go … I hope each and every person that took advantage of this special was satisfied.  I am amazed at how many people get a free book and don’t think to relate their thoughts to the author!  I will take the silence as a good sign!

Tomorrow night I will be in Macon, at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn, hopefully sipping tea and enjoying some quiet reflection in the lobby with the other guests.  It’s how I roll.

Also tomorrow, people in Abbeville, S.C. will most likely be reading the article about the book.  Join me in a fervant prayer that I have made them proud, and that this beautiful town will get some more recognition as it continues on it’s road to revitalization!

I set down my next book signing for Georgia today…it will be Saturday Sept 1st, at “The Book Store” in Cornelia Ga…home of the incomparable Diana Palmer!!  Looking forward to meeting with the locals at this homecoming of sorts.

I will honestly say that this self-promotion is exhausting and equally exhilarating.

Well I am off to print my map for my trip, and go through my suitcase one more time.

Breakfast with my sons before I leave.  I look forward to it!!!

Good night and take care, faithful reader.  God be with you!

Why I Love Sundays

Good Evening faithful reader.

It warms my heart to see so many people following my daily diatribes, even when I find myself with “nothing” to write about, I try to entertain you…and you are always willing to stop by to share my posts.

Sundays are so special to me.  I have been a child of God since the moment He took over my life when I was a teenager visiting my grandparents in South Carolina.  Even though I did not answer the ‘Alter Call’ that day, I turned my life over to Jesus.  It was He that brought me safely through the trials and tribulations of the teenage years, and even though I walked away from organized religion for a while, my God was Faithful and understanding.  No truer words were ever spoken than those said in that now famous poem “Footprints”.  God carried me through the worst things, stood by with silent understanding as I found my way back, and is always at the ready to lead, guide and direct me onto a path that is most assuredly the one HE wants for me.

That being said, I must tell you about the church where my family attends services.

The Bridge Church is an affiliate of the Church of God, but we are more non-denominational.  We believe in the Bible, and that the words therein are as true today as they were when inspired and written 2000+ years ago.  The laws given to us by God’s devine inspiration are un negotiable, Love thy Neighbor as yourself, Forgive so that you will  be forgiven, bring the Word of God to all people…these truths apply now in today’s world as though we were in the times of Jesus.  Jesus came to our world to save EVERYONE, not just the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes.  Our mission is to connect the teaching of Jesus and the Bible with every day life, in whatever manner that we can.  We are a giving church, we love the community in which we live, and reach out to the world through our missions as though our lives depended on it, which, if you follow the teachings of Jesus, it does.

Today we went live streaming.  We had 61 people attend our online church service.  There were only a few glitches from what I understand, but we did not hold anything back.  Our leader, Pastor Patrick Ballington delivered a message that gave us all insight as to why we war with ourselves in our ever seeking effort to live a Godly life.  Our music was both uplifting and traditional, and most importantly, we gave our all to God, and He in turn called people to His order.

Now that I sit in my office, poised at the ready to continue working on my second novel, I am reminded of that glorious time spent with God, among my family and church friends.  On my pew this morning were all of my children, my daughter’s fiance, my ex-husband, 2 friends and the lead guitar player for our praise team.  Behind me were other friends; before me, the pastor and our associates.  The Lord is good and faithful, and since He has seen fit to forgive me of my own shortsightedness…I must do the same.

My heart is good.  I have found Righteousness in Him today.  I will be forgiven, even when those human thoughts make me angry.  We will overcome all things through Christ Jesus….and most assuredly….”It Is Well”

Been Away, But Did You Miss Me?

Hello my faithful reader…I know it’s been a long time.

This past week I had a chance to go home to my parents house in Greenwood, South Carolina.  I left right after church on Sunday, and didn’t make it home until Thursday night, just in time for Praise Team practice.  We are going LIVE tomorrow morning…so if you are so inclined….join us at the BRIDGE CHURCH  by going to and click on the side box that says “Live Feed”.  We will start services at 10:30  am  EST.   Hope to “see” you there!!

I went shopping with my mom for school clothes for my grand-daughter Tori, and while we were shopping, my mom surprised me by getting me some clothes for my upcoming trip to Macon.  It was an early birthday present…my birthday is at the end of the month  (Aug. 30th). I have wonderful parents.

While there, I had a chance to stop by the local newspaper, “The Press and Banner”, in Abbeville.  They are so excited about the book.  I will be making a pilgrimage back there for the Olde Time Thanksgiving Festival this November, to sign books and meet people in and among the wonderful people of that fair city.  There will be an article coming out this coming week.  It was my first interview.

I don’t dwell on the lack of sales.  I am but one in about 240,000 books published this year…so around 300 sales is pretty good as far as I’m concerned.  I also have 20 followers on Twitter, which is more than I ever had as simply ROBIN LYNN, Karaoke singer…lol.

I signed books, met people, laughed, and even found time to write down a few thoughts for “No Strings”,  which will sit well with those people that “can’t wait” for the sequel.

The simple fact that I am now a published author is enough for me.  Life is good, and I’m following my dream.  How many people can actually say that anymore?!

My mom's garden


Saturday–Cloudy with a Chance of Tears

English: Helen, Georgia

English: Helen, Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When someone sets out to be a writer, they attend conferences, read everything they can, write everything,(even the junk that is later discarded) and never EVER think to themselves…”I’m going to be famous one day”.  Oh, sure the dreamers may think that, but that one in a million true WRITER does it for the love, not the fame.

This is of course my opinion, but I can be pretty sure that there are those that agree with me.  Awards, rave reviews, and hefty sales are the gravy on the meatloaf of the craft.

One of the most prolific statements ever made to me was one by the great Kathryn Falk, editor in chief of Romantic Times magazine.  She said simply, “write what you know.”

Today I am reminded of the losses I’ve had in my life.  To put them down in worded form will be like tearing off a band-aid…quick, painful, but none the less necessary.

So much pain, and yet I have chosen to move foreward, as those that have gone on to the next world would never want those tears shed at their departure.

I am going to account 3.  There were many before, inbetween, and definitely to come; but these three losses speak volumes in my life.

In the order with which they were experienced…

Feb 14, 2001.  Richard Barrs.  This man was a rock to me…Confined to a wheelchair, but only for mobility.  The people around Helen, Georgia, will remember this curly haired spit fire guitar player as nothing more than enigmatic.  His zest for life and all things fun gave him such an appeal there were none that would say they didn’t have a fond memory of him.  He wrote music, sang beautifully, and if you got to know him as a friend, you’d never see the wheelchair, but rather only the man that shared his heart and soul through his music.  Okay, and that bright grin that he shared with those he called his friends.  We lost him, but we will never forget him.

April 18, 2004.  BL Page.  This was my grand-father.  We called him Paw-paw, and he was the head of our household, home, even life.  He was an Army veteran, a certified Locksmith, a simple shoe repairman, and along with his wife, Evelyn, he was an example to what true love really is.  They married Dec 20, 1941  and were married 62 years when he passed.  She was but 17 to his older 30 something when they wed, but the family they raised (4 girls, 2 boys) knew love, laughter, Faith, and loyalty.  It is their example that springs forth my passion for telling a true LOVE story, and even though he is no longer with us, his voice resonates in my heart.

and finally,

July 25, 2009  Kathy Wildes.  This was my aunt…but much more, she was like my sister.  There was not a moment in my life that I did not have her there, either cheering me on, or just having a presence.  Her death seems senseless (Swine Flu of all things!)…but it set me on my way.  For throughout her entire life she gave of herself to everyone, except herself.  She cared for her mother, my “Nana”, she looked after her big brother, (my dad), and even when Nana was gone, she went to take care of my great aunt.  She was  always a care-taker, always a friend…but hardly ever did she give to herself.  I vowed to stop holding back, stop waiting until tomorrow, but rather live for today…love and not be afraid to love, and most importantly, to never take no for an answer, just a re-direction.

I smile now thinking that there are 3 angels in the heavens watching over us all.

I hope they are smiling too.