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Forget Manic Mondays…let’s go for Turbulent Tuesdays!

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Okay, it’s Tuesday now.

Today I plan on finishing Chapter 3 and getting a good start on Chapter 4 of “No Strings”, the sequel to “Love Never Ends”.

The Festival series is very important to me, and I hope it becomes important to you as well, faithful reader.  So in thinking of a way to further get the word out there that The Festival Series actually exists, I’m sharing these little blogs with Facebook.  I am also including a little blurb on TWITTER, so maybe I can be more visible.  I would like to see more than 4 followers on Twitter, and maybe even not have to deal with those SPAMMERS that always seem to pop up when you least expect it.  (I’m a woman that writes ROMANCE, not gratuitous sex novels, so you can imagine some of the comments I have gotten!)

In the midst of my plans for the day, besides the writing, is to contact the three bookstores in my area and see when they would like for me to host a book signing with them.

AND one more thing.  I am going to Google Search various press releases and set about getting one prepared for the local newspapers in our area.

Should be a fun-filled day don’t you think???



Mondays make me crazy!

When we are young, Mondays mean the end of the weekend.

When we get older, Mondays are usually something like dreadful reminders that life is passing us by.

For me, well…Mondays are awesome.

I have a whole week stretched before me with which I can plot my next novel, visit friends and family, make plans….and NOW, now that I am a published novelist, I have new things that I have to do.

Like check reports, read comments, answer questions…and continue learning what makes a good blog post and what doesn’t.

Next week I will return to Abbeville, (that place depicted on the cover of my first novel) where I will meet with my catering aunt and my cousin who makes signs  All these things lead up to my very first book signing in Macon, Georgia, which will be on the 18th of August at the Hilton Garden Inn.

I don’t know much about book signings. I certainly hope someone shows up!  Which reminds me that I need to get my press release prepared so I guess that means this is going to have to be enough!!!

Thank you for reading…and stay tuned…you never what Mondays will bring!

Sunday’s Musings

Good Evening,

Today my book was available for a free download.  It was a decision that I made when I was first accepted into the Kindle Direct Publishing program.  We have all enjoyed reading those free books, and indeed, at times, have found a new favorite author.  Now, after knowing there were almost 200 downloads, I know that some people are out there reading these musings of mine.

I have been pretty busy today.  My bio says that I am a singer/songwriter…but the back of my book actually tells the reader that I am a member of the PRAISE team at our church.
Our church, THE BRIDGE…is something amazing in this world we live in today.  Our leaders teach us Biblical principals and life application…simply stating…we connect that faith we learn by following Jesus to the daily life we live in the world.

Today, we met for breakfast, as we do every Sunday.  Then after a brief meeting in our auditorium, we broke into groups and went out among our community, providing services to the people of our county.  We called it, “Church in Action”, or CIA for short.   We all wore t-shirts ablaze with the specially designed logo, and got to work.

Some went to a nursing home, some picked up trash along the roads.  Some provided much needed yard work for our elderly, or infirm.  What do you think I picked?

I handed out water bottles and smiles at a local gas station while my fellow workers pumped gas, washed windows and even ran the money into the store for the patrons.

Only twice did we have someone refuse to ignore our pleas for NO payment, and we covertly passed it on to the next needy person in line.  (that one driver that had $5.00 in change ended up with $10.00 worth of gas!)

At the end of our time together we were laughing, and I for one had the most gratifying experience in a long time.

It is a nice way to share the word of God, don’t you agree!!?!

Sneak peek, and some insight

my fur baby!!

Watching mama write!

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.

Today when I awoke, I was pleased to realize that not only is it Sunny and just slightly cooler outside, but my dog was in a good mood.  For you out there that have fur babies, let me take a moment to tell you about my dog, Magaha.

Magaha was a rescue dog.  We took our Peek a poo up to get her shots, we being myself and my daughter, Macy.  When we were just finishing up our visit, one of the techs came by the room holding my little friend.  He was 8 weeks old, and had the most adorable little pointed face.  My heart lurched in my chest as I heard that he and his siblings had been abandoned at a local daycare center.  My daughter looked at me with these EYES!  You have no idea how persuasive she can be with them!!!

So, I left the vet office with 5 dogs.  My Peek a Poo Molly, and Magaha and his 2 sisters and 1 brother.

We found homes for the other dogs, and Molly passed away…but Magaha and I have been together for quite some time now.

The reason I’m telling you about him today, is because I am going to make him a star!

My next hero, Joe Lewis, is going to have a dog.  His name I’ve yet to decide, but I very well may just use the name of my fur baby.  I think Magaha would like that.

As to the SNEAK PEEK part of the title, okay,   Here it is…

Book Two of the Festival Series is “No Strings”.  It’s Nikki’s story.

If you don’t know who Nikki is, then you need to read my book.  (It would make things so much easier!!)  But I will press on and assume you have read “Love Never Ends,”  and now you’re just so excited you can’t wait to hear what happens to Larson’s sister…Nikki.

(from Chapter One of “No Strings…Book Two of the Festival Series) 

After a refreshing shower, Nikki changed into the base outfit she’d need for the show that evening.  Black satin pants and a red tank top.  When she was through with sound check, before she actually took the stage later, she’d pull either a black or white silk shirt.  Strap on some heels, and she was ready to rock away the night she decided, giving her hair a final flick.  She took a moment to study her reflection in the hotel bathroom mirror.  Her hair was usually kept rather short, but her trips out to the west coast to assist one of her client’s with their first music video had her skipping the customary salon treatment.  Her hair hung just below her shoulders, easy to toss, and still manageable with the late summer heat.  Her eyes were dark, and usually sparkled, especially when she was amused.  Not bad for mid-thirties, she concluded, giving her flat stomach a loving pat.  Pilates and yoga were her latest kick in the health craze.  She knew she was lucky, and maybe she did live a little ‘younger‘ as her mother liked to say.  But time had been good to her, and success was something that just kind of stuck.

She walked out of the bathroom area, clicking off the light as she moved, and dug her cell phone out of her purse and thumbed down the names in her list of contacts looking for Richard.  She thought for the hundredth time she should put him on speed dial, but always decided against it.  Finding the number she tapped the phone initiating the call.  He answered almost immediately, and Nikki could almost see him wearing that Bluetooth headset he loved so much.

“Hey hey Nikki Girl, you settled in?”

“Yes, Darling,  nice digs by the way.  So where are you…and when is sound check?”

“Driving that way, and sound check is at the Starlight at 5.  Should be a light crowd then, and hopefully we won’t have too many changes to go through before set time at 9.  You rest your pipes and I’ll meet you there.  After we can get a quick bite and a gab fest.  I’m dying to hear about your latest adventures.”

“Looking forward to it Rick, can’t wait.”

Nikki ended the call and stood in front of the window that overlooked the little alpine village.  She could see the Starlight from her window, mid-day people walked around with bags and packages.  The air was turning a bit cool in the early evenings, as August was upon them, but there were still people in bathing trunks carrying their rubber rafts and inflatable tubes for tubing the Chattahoochee River.  It was one of the things families came to Helen to do.

She spied a glance at the clock on the table next to the bed.  It was only 2 so she could easily lay down for a few hours and relax, if it was her nature.

Instead she picked up her laptop bag and within moments had herself propped up on the bed against pillows, checking her messages.  Nothing of interest caught her attention, neither on her email account or her Facebook page.

Nikki Evans Promotions was her baby, started years ago because she graduated from Clemson University with a marketing degree, one of her few sensible accomplishments, and wanted to use her degree to do something fun.  She found that her love of music gave her a special insight to the various start-up bands she came into contact with, and used those abilities, and her new-found knowledge of marketing and promotion to make them famous.  People loved her vivacious attitude toward life, and even though it was her clients that most often found the spotlight, she managed to eke out a bit of the limelight for herself from time to time.

It was how she wound up in Helen, Georgia, in that end of summer time, just before the hectic days of Oktoberfest were about to start.  Her long-time friend and musician Richard Barrington’s band was down a female singer.  He called, and she hopped in her car and drove non – stop down from her last job in Nashville.   Singing for the weekend with her friend was almost like a vacation to Nikki, and after the last few months of non stop travel, a vacation was just what the doctor ordered.

A few hours later Nikki was seated on a stool behind a keyboard, adjusting the sound in her ears with her foot.  She loved the ear buds, and the way they gave her the sounds of just the instruments she wanted.  She would sing melody most often, or sometimes harmonize with Richard.  It seemed she knew every song the man ever wrote, even the newer stuff.

Richard sat on his own stool, center stage.  His turtle shelled acoustic guitar astride his lap, moaning out the last few chords of “Strange Love,”  a song he’d written back years before.  Nikki filled in the base line on her keyboard, adding a flourish to the ending, just to see how it sounded.  His cowboy hat bobbed up and down enthusiastically at the rift, and Nikki made a mental note to include it when they played the song later that night.

“Got everything you need girlie girl??”

“Sounds good,” Nikki said into the microphone, then turned her glance toward Terry, who always manned the sound board in the back of the room.  “Terry, how does it sound out there?”

“Marvelous,” he murmured, making a few notes on his ever-present clipboard.  He took his earphones off and held up his hand in a thumb’s up mannerism.

“That’s a wrap then boys,” Richard said, easing himself away from the microphone stand and putting the guitar in it’s holder by his stool.

Dwayne Hargrove, the drummer jumped down and went to the corner quickly where Richard’s chair was folded up against the wall.  He brought it up to Richard, setting the locks on the wheels, while the singer shifted his weight from the stool to the arms of the wheelchair.  Swiftly he swung himself down into the seat of the chair, and turned quickly on the stage to face Nikki with his teeth blazing white in a smile.  “Like you never left me,” he said to her, half-teasing, half serious, a testament to her ability.

“Thank you darling,” she said, smiling as she pulled the ear buds out of her ears, disconnecting the wire from the sound feed.  She draped the earphones around her neck, like a scarf and bent to give him another hug.  She held on to the warmth of her friend for a moment, then started toward the door that led to the deck outside.  “I’m going out for some air, and whatever else I can find,  see you in a bit?”

“Absolutely,” he returned, gliding his way off the stage toward the bar.

Stay tuned!!!

Hello world!

Good Morning!!!

I am starting this blog so the readers can stay informed as to what’s happening with the festival series.

If you aren’t familiar with the festival series, you’re not alone…but that will change.

It will change as long as you read my blog, but I am connecting it with my Author Site provided by Amazon…so, here goes.  And please bear with me, I have never written a blog before, so I have no idea what I’m doing.

I have been writing since I was around 15 years old.  I have always wanted to be a writer.  When I was in college, my typewriter would keep my room-mate awake at night.  When I got married I used a word processing computer that was high tech at the time, but it had no ability to save files, other than a floppy disk system that would make you pull your hair out when it malfunctioned.  But the fact remains that I have been working on the various parts of this series for quite some time.  Now with the help of an online publishing firm, I am “out there”.

I can only hope that my novel flows better than this blog seems to be going.  However, I’m not deleting again…I will go on…because I want you to know just a little bit about the characters that I am writing about.

Today I will focus on Larson Evans, oldest child of the Evans family, a deep southern traditional family, based in the REAL town of Abbeville, South Carolina.  Larson was in grad school, enjoying life as he knew it, when his mother forced him to bring his sister Nikki a trunk of costumes and accessories that she had left behind.  When he walked in, his life changed.  That was how he met his wife Margo.

No, a typical romance novel doesn’t start with the characters already married, but as you will read in their story, “Love Never Ends,”  extenuating circumstances kept the couple apart for 16 years.

What kind of man stays married to a woman who leaves him?  One that is true blue in love.  That forever kind of love that only comes along once in your life, if you’re lucky.

That’s the kind of writing that I love.  Stirring the emotions in your heart, your passion, so that while reading my words you will be reminded of someone that fits that bill for you.

Enjoy the book, and please feel free to talk to me.