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Festival Time is near!

In just a few short weeks the daffodils will be blooming, the Mountain Laurel buds will be fragrant, and the sun will shine every day…well…ALMOST every day.


Are you looking forward to the warmth of Spring and Summer as much as I?  Personally, I doubt it!


These past few months of being inside are torture for someone who loves the sunshine and fresh air.


Well, May is a busy month for us.  FOR ONE..I am trying to put the finishing touches to “Building Toward Forever” for the RT Booklover’s Convention…a national event to launch Book Three of the Festival Series…thought it would be ideal…we’ll see if I can pull it off.

Trinity Street Painting

ALSO, the first weekend will find yours truly in beautiful Abbeville, South Carolina (the backdrop of half of book two, FYI) at their annual SPRING FESTIVAL.  Look for the banner…I hope to be set up somewhere near the Court House on the square.  For more info you can go to my author site at

Taking daily care of my grandmother has been enlightening.  When her mind goes back in time, and we wonder where she goes, my imagination takes root, and I believe she is just looking for that peace that she had when her children were young, her parents were still with her, and the love of her life was by her side.

On April 19th it will be 10 years since my grandfather, Benjamin L Page, left our earth.  Not a day has gone by that we haven’t thought of him in some way or another.

Sitting at the table where he used to sit every morning, well it brings back memories that are bittersweet at best.  I could never imagine my life without him in it, but since his passing, I’ve lost several other people that also meant the world to me.  But, the Dead do not worry about such things…and we are to use OUR time to it’s fullest…never discounting what their presence meant to us.  That is the debt we all owe.



In other news, the AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL contest is in it’s 2nd stage and guess who’s included in the 200 some what Romance novels….why yes…”No Strings, Book Two of the Festival Series”…I liken this to the American Idol phenomenon, where it made it past the PRODUCERS (the review board) and is now in front of the judges.  Take heart, little one…your time is coming!

In Celebration of all this and more…look to the Amazon site to purchase No Strings for your Kindle at a discounted price this week.  Sale will start March 25th and run until April 1st, and the price will go up as the days progress…so get in there quickly to get the best price.


Take care and have a wonderful week!