A Grandmother’s Blessing

Growing up as an only child I never gave a lot of thought as to my lack of siblings.  I had cousins.  As the only child of the respective oldest siblings I also had aunts and uncles that were more like sisters and brothers.  When I realized that my sweet grandmother was failing in health, I put all my belongings in storage and moved in with her, so she would not be alone.  It was an honor…and it forged a love of children that I have always had.


This summer I participated in our church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) making my talents in the kitchen part of my ministry.  Our busy hands prepared light meals for the 6 classes, and I was fortunate to have my adorable older grand-daughter spending the week with me, so she was able to participate, and make friends with other children her age.  She is going to Middle School this year…and it takes my breath away that she has grown into such a beautiful young lady.

That said…my mother’s youngest brother’s daughter is excited about entering High School this year, and I sent her to Georgia with my daughter and her family, and kept the very busy and very opinionated Kristina “Tina” Fay (my 5 year old grand-daughter) so the two young ladies could do “grown up stuff”.

Today my son Michael and his lovely lady Jacqui brought my cousin home, and picked up Tina to bring her home to Georgia.  With them was my older grand-daughter, and Jacqui’s niece and nephew, whom I’ve known for several years.  Lily and Billy are adorable children, and very smart.  They all call me Grandma(or Grandma Robin)…and I was pleased and surprised when Billy and Lily both greeted me with hugs and kisses upon their arrival.

Lily, Emma, Tori and Tina

I may not have had a lot of brothers and sisters, but my lessons of life learned by spending those two years with my grandmother were affirmed.

I hope that I am able to give these lovely children memories as sweet as my grandmother.


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