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Newspaper Article References “Coming Home” theme

The Rock at Secession Hill

The Rock at Secession Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I figured today I would share the article that Henry E Green wrote concerning the FESTIVAL SERIES, the 4-part series I am writing where Abbeville, South Carolina, is mentioned often.

From the Press and Banner August 15, 2012


Life is a festival

Readers might see glimpses of Abbeville in a new book by a Georgia woman.


Henry begins his article telling the readers of Abbeville  “A Georgia woman with Abbeville connections has written a book called “Love Never Ends, which she hopes will be the first segment of a trilogy.”

Actually, the book IS a series, and while the ORIGINAL plan was 3, before Larson jumped into it, now it seems that two other characters from “Love…” may have to have their own story.  Doug Lawson, the PI that works for Larson also appears at the beginning of No Strings, so I think he may have to have his own book after the siblings’ stories.  Also, there’s a writer in “Love…” named Richard Andrews that may have to have a novel of his own later on too.  He’s just really endearing himself to me.

But I digress.

Mr Green referenced my book jacket blurb where my personal story is told.  “Proud mother of three as well as a ‘proud grand-mother’, who attended the University of Massachusetts where she studied Journalism and Comparative Literature.

English: Along State Street between Liberty an...

English: Along State Street between Liberty and Essex Streets in Newburyport, , , within the boundaries of the . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He goes on to say, “Robin did not grow up in Abbeville….(but) actually grew up in Newburyport, a town in Massachusetts about 45 minutes north of Boston, but (as she indicated in the acknowledgements) she visited Abbeville often, and it seemed as though whenever she visited something “exciting” was happening.”


My favorite part of the article was the ending, where Mr Green really captured the essence of why there in fact IS a “Festival Series”

“Her fictional family in “Love..”enjoys talking about the past, doning costumes of yesteryear.  Without giving away too much of the plot, we can say that landmarks in Abbeville are mentioned throughout the book.   “Coming home”, with all of it’s joys is a big theme of it.  The second book in the four part series she expects to come out next year, around the time of the Spring Festival.”

English: Abbeville County Courthouse, Front (S...

English: Abbeville County Courthouse, Front (Southwest) Facade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am happy that he took so much time to write such a wonderful article, spreading the news about my “baby” to people that would love to hear about it.

This book is the first of many, and while I don’t expect it to be a runaway best – seller, I would like to see it get more than just local recognition.

Please help spread the news about this novel.

Thank you so much for reading.


September Mornings


Like (Photo credit: afagen)

Well, now that it is SEPTEMBER, (and yes another Tuesday) I have discovered that I have YET to make an online sale in either print or Kindle download.

I don’t know how to promote this book any other way than to continue re-posting the links every chance I get on Facebook, Twitter and reiterating that I have this book out there.

People tell me they’ve read it.

They say it’s great, and can’t wait for the second one.

The only way there can be a “second” one, is if the first one gets more recognition than 2 reviews (THANK YOU TO YOU, TWO, HOWEVER) and 3 LIKES.

I’m at my wit’s end.  So, I leave it to you, Gentle reader…

What are your ideas?