When Blunders Occur

book Two Cover

I have been curious that the release of Book Two, “No Strings”, while critically well received, did not gain the momentum that Book One, “Love Never Ends”, had, on Amazon.

I tried to consider that people just don’t give reviews anymore…there’s just no time.

Indie Label

In the Indie World of publishing, even with a moniker of Dreamland Publishing (my own name, validity in itself as I am an Indie Author) the sales at events bypassed the count on Amazon by  3:1!

At last, after I stumbled upon the blurb under the intro, I realized what had happened.

Simple really.  I had released a “Sneak Peek” edition for attendees of the Indie Mashup in Arkansas back in October of 2013.

To do so, and to advertise, I went ahead and published the half book on Amazon’s Kindle and Print…intending to pull it when the manuscript released that December.

Somehow, the description of the Sneak Peek stayed, even though the CONTENT was the full length novel.

Of course I can FIX IT,

It’s a simple matter of editing the entry.

But we are in the  middle of a promotion right now, and I don’t want to stop mid promo to do that, so…


BOOK ONE, LOVE NEVER ENDS….has been revised and contains additional scenes and information.

BOOK TWO….NO STRINGS….IS a full length (294 pages) novel, and it is available this weekend at a reduced price.

BOOK THREE…BUILDING TOWARD FOREVER….will be available for pre-order before the end of September…it should release October 20th (my parents anniversary).

Sunday is my birthday.  I am looking forward to attending church, having lunch with my parents, and settling in to the computer to work on final edits and changes.

(Book Four…Night Music…is in the wings, and I know you’re all just going to LOVE LOVE LOVE Macy’s story!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Stop by my Amazon Author page and show some love.



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