June 2017

People have been asking me what’s been happening since my last post.  SO many things…I’ll try to list them in some semblance of order.



I am blessed with the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and she lives in a lovely 2 bedroom home off the bay side of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  When tax season came to an end, I boarded a plane and took off for her neck of the woods for a well deserved vacation.  A full week of sun (it actually rained every day but 2) fun and food. (Never got my Key Lime Pie, but I got seafood, ribs and one of the best grilled steaks I’ve ever had!)


The 35th Annual RT (Romantic Times) Booklovers Convention took place this May in Atlanta.  Held at the lovely Hyatt Regency we spent several days visiting, networking, note-taking and partying with other writers, celebrities, agents, publishers, and of course Lady Barrow herself, Kathryn Falk, who was just as gracious and kind as that first time I met her back in 1992 in Savannah.

My roommate was a fellow author, Catherine Stine, (aka Kitsy Clair) who was by far the best roommate I’ve had in a very long time.  We had several grand talks…shared notes about conferences, a meal or two…and by the end of the week, we wished we were just beginning our adventure.  Keeping in touch with her by Facebook and Messenger now, because I already miss her!

One of the fun things about RT week was our chance to meet so many readers.  Everywhere I went I was greeted with smiles and good wishes.  My favorite quote was from MEDIA GURU Nancy Berland who whispered, “I’ve been following you!” when she was speaking with her client…Meg Tilly, who has a brand new book out now writing under the pseudonym ‘Sara Flynn’….and it’s flying off the shelves.hero-banner-home2

Look for her to star with Brad Pitt in a  Netflix drama “War Machine”.  Wouldn’t it be nice to play the wife of Brad Pitt???  Oh sorry…I was dreaming there for a second.  ANYWAY, she was super nice and very talkative… I forgot she was a celebrity!


I say rescue in a funny way.  Actually I now have my wonderful son Matthew living with me for a few months before he starts school here in SC.  I love having someone to talk to again…I swear people were beginning to think I’d lost my ever loving mind as I’d tend to mumble to myself quite regularly.  At any rate, I am now back in SC, done with traveling for awhile, and knee deep in finalizing “NIGHT MUSIC” and the outlines galore that go with my new project…which I am keeping a secret for now.

Don’t even try to tempt me…this one stays hidden.



Coloring Under The Covers…a non-profit organization that takes popular authors and their book covers and turns them into intricate and glorious coloring pages for an exclusive adult coloring book, has a new volume out.  It is VOL 2, and it benefits The Rose, for breast health.  You can order your copy through my Amazon Author website, because on page 41, is the black and white image of “LOVE NEVER ENDS” and the blurb, and on page 42, a wonderful coloring page that creatively ties in all the lovely things of my first full length romance.

Available now through August 24th.


You don’t want to miss this.

Amazon Author Site


Happy Summertime!!


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