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Who Else Is Excited About Book Two?


When Nikki Evans steps in to help her musician friend, Richard, in Helen, Ga, she can’t believe that in the matter of just a few hours, her entire world will be turned upside down!  By a man, at that!!  Romp through the streets of Helen, Ga, and Abbeville, SC and get to know the feisty sister of the beloved Larson Evans from Book One, Love Never Ends, in “NO STRINGS” Book Two of the Festival Series,  Due in April, 2013!!!!!

That’s the first teaser for y’all to think about.

In the meantime…as I promised…Here is a scene from “Love Never Ends”, that I hope you will like….Larson is remembering back when Margo and he were married…it’s just a few weeks before the holidays….

Margo was nearly nine months pregnant. She was struggling with a bag, her purse and her keys, entering their apartment in Spartanburg, her face was flushed but her eyes were dancing.

Hold on,” he admonished, jumping up from his place on the floor to take the bag from her.

What’s all this?” he asked, kissing his wife on the cheek, his hand resting lightly on the large mound that was his daughter, still growing inside her.

I saw it and just had to get it. This will be her first Christmas, we have to make it special.”

She lowered herself into the soft cushioned chair in the living room. Larson knelt beside her, putting her feet up on the ottoman, removing her shoes, pausing to rub them.
“Darling, while that feels awesome, I have to show you this! Hand me that bag won’t you?”

Larson reached forward grasping the shopping bag with one hand, handing it to her.

She rummaged amongst the tissue paper, and withdrew two boxes. One smaller than the other. Inside the small box was a rocking horse with “Lexie” written on it, under it read, “Baby’s First Christmas”.

It’s beauitful,” he agreed, smiling at his wife.

Open the other one.”

He opened the larger box and gasped at the intricate designed star shaped tree topper. In the middle was a small angel, holding a baby. There were gold and silver beads encrusted on the points of the star, and when Larson pulled it from it’s bed of tissue paper he noticed the chord. He stood and walked to the wall outlet, and when he plugged it in he smiled, watching the glowing twinkling lights shine around the baby. Then he realized it was playing, “What Child is This”, one of her favorite Christmas songs.

Perfect,” he said, then smiled indulgently at his wife, who was sound asleep in the chair, the baby ornament resting gently in her upturned hand.

A few weeks later, she was gone. He and Lexie were sitting on the floor in front of their newly decorated tree in his penthouse apartment in Boston. He watched the star twinkling at the top, playing the beautiful music, and looking at the sleeping infant in his arms he could not stop the tears from flowing from his eyes.”


I would love to hear anything you, the reader, has to say!!


Happy New Year! (hush, I know I’m late)

Well the year 2012 is over, and the new year has already begun with a vengeance.   My family and I have been working together to get my grandmother, 87 years old, healthy and back home.  I have been shuttling myself back and forth between South Carolina and Georgia for the better part of the past 2 months.  She is a beautiful, Christian woman, and my inspiration in everything I do.

News on the sequel…still working on it.  You didn’t think Nikki’s story would be an easy tell did you?  She is complicated, exasperating, and stubborn, and has truly met her match in former soldier, Joe Lewis.

This is where Joe Lewis lives.

This is where Joe Lewis lives.

“Love Never Ends” is contending for Amazon’s “Breakout Novel of the Year”, in the Romance category.  The first round is over Wednesday, February 13th.  I will know by then.   PLEASE give me a good thought this week over this.  My publicist says it’s only the first of many contests, but since Amazon is so instrumental in my success thus far, it would be nice to at least make the first cut!

We’ll see how it goes.

Stay tuned…later this week I will post a scene from Love Never Ends that will make you cry!

Books all stacked

Books all stacked