Getting Ready for the Long Haul

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and kindness after the recent and unexpected death of my grandmother.  Your continued support means the world to me, and I wanted to share some recent updates and thoughts with all of you that follow my posts here at “festivalseries1thru4”

My grandmother passed on April 22, 2015 at around 9 am.  Her children were gathered together around her bed.  It is my firm belief that she was already in the outskirts of this realm, with her loved ones.  Her body breathed its last, and the sun broke through the clouds, anointing her favorite rose bush with sunlight, causing it to burst forth such beautiful blooms, we were instantly assured of her safe passage to Heaven.

It has been a bittersweet time for me since, as I find my way in a world without my loving companion of the past few years.

I moved in with my parents, to cleanse my soul as well as my body.  I had discovered that despite my careful attention to what I ate, I had gained a bit of weight.  My parents’ house afforded me the opportunity to find my way back to a healthy lifestyle.  Yoga and exercise every morning, moving more, eating right, small portions and lots of water and vegetables.

On July 31st I moved into my own apartment, deciding that South Carolina, the backdrop of my current series, would be my new home.

I love living here.  I can write any time I want.  I clean my house, maintain a healthy regimen of clean food, orderly organization and a happy exercise routine.  My parents live just around the corner, and my children are supportive and looking forward to my visits.

On to more exciting news.

Book Three, “Building Toward Forever” is nearing the final stages.

This story was actually my first foray into the Evans clan, originally entitled, “Festival of Love”.

I knew that the other sisters and brother would have to have a story of their own, but the original story of Preston and Adriana was something dear to me.

I learned that while my craft was good, it lacked polish, and my characters were one dimensional at best.  Contest judges cautioned me that Adriana came across childish, and warned me that immature children did not make good heroines.

So, I put the manuscript in a file folder, and dusted off the character lists of the other siblings.

First we released Larson’s story (Love Never Ends), of a love so deep that time and space could not tear it down was first, giving the reader a story of love lost and found, and the true test to loyalty and family values.

Nikki’s all business and fast paced love life was next, (No Strings), when she fell, head over spiky high heels for the rogue veteran Joe Lewis quick, hard, and fast.

In both books, we see the other key people in the series, and start to wonder about them as well.

cover 3 photo

Now comes Adriana’s story, (Building Toward Forever).  Preston knows exactly what he wants, and he wants Adriana.  He’s wanted her since she walked into his dorm room back in college, his roommate (and distant cousin) Brian’s girlfriend.

Now some years later, he is an accomplished architect, and she is an award winning cake decorator.  Her business acumen is sure, but personally she doubts herself sometimes, always stepping forward to be the sensible one, the take charge business girl, the one that does not make waves.

When Brian starts pulling strings behind the scenes, to undermine the blossoming romance between her and Preston, Adriana doesn’t know who to believe any more.

It takes a strong man to convince her that their love is true, and Preston is just the right man for the job.

I hope you all enjoy the next few posts, as I continue to promote my series on Facebook and beyond.

I remain, ever in your debt….

Robin Lynn Wildes…Author.


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