The Queen Comes Home


After two and a half years, my grandmother and I were in quite the routine.  Daily television favorites, including “Days of Our Lives, Dr Oz, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy!.  We watched a lot of episodes of THE WALTONS, Little House On The Prairie, Matlock, and Andy Griffith.  Children’s movies, classic black and whites, the epic Gone With The Wind…we shared a lot of television time together.

We also read.  Bits from the internet, newspapers, books and the Bible, I often would read passages of scripture while we settled in for the night’s rest.

We also had food routines, breakfast would consist of Pear Preserves, Bacon Toast and sometimes oatmeal, along with a dish of applesauce with her morning meds crushed and mixed in.  Let’s not forget the COFFEE and “something sweet”. Lunch from “Meals on Wheels”, supper would be something healthy, like chicken or fish, but also fun things like Salmon Stew or Chicken N Dumplings. Comfort food, to soothe the weary soul.


In the evenings, after we were in pajamas, I would get her a cup of coffee, make sure she had some fresh water and give her  nightly medicine, and then she would go to bed.  All to start over the next day.

Friday morning, (April 3rd) she slept in,  or so I thought.  As it was a few days before Easter, we (my aunts and I) decided she should have her bath on Friday rather than the anticipated busy Saturday.

While the evening before had commenced much like usual, that morning, she did not wake up.  Not a peep, not a response.  When her eyes finally opened, they were blank, unseeing, like she was visiting a far away place, not willing to come back to where we were.

Throughout the day, her children and grandchildren gathered by her side, tearfully keeping a vigil, waiting for a sign of the fiery woman who has been our matriarch for nearly 90 years. Friday evening, my daughter arrived and sat with her, saying a prayer for God to give us strength to do His will, whatever that was.

Saturday morning, while very little change had occurred, we all agreed that she needed to at least be seen by a doctor, just in case what presented as simply a stroke was something more treatable.

Turns out, while there was a stroke resulting in significant paralysis, her main problem was a UTI, treated with antibiotics.

She is now home, in her room, where she wants to be.  We have a team of 6-8 people that will take turns sitting with her, so that no one will be alone in the house for longer than a half hour.

I had wished, and stated in an earlier blog post, that we would be able to bring her out to see the children hunting eggs in their finery.  Unfortunately, she was at the hospital still, but we gathered in her honor Easter Sunday after church, in that old brick house in Abbeville, and ate and laughed and silently worshipped our Lord for allowing us to have her in our lives for so long.

Regardless of what happens in the coming days, we will celebrate her 90th birthday on June 14th;  the same time that the queen of England will celebrate her own birthday.

Evelyn B Page.  Our Queen,  home where she belongs


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