Abbeville Square

The daylilies are blooming, the bees are hovering around the dogwood flowers; every store has mother’s day and Easter baskets and dresses for little girls are in every window.

My grand-daughters are joining me at my grandmother’s house for an old fashioned Easter Egg hunt.  I can hardly wait to see their faces as they search through the flowers and grass for their treasures.  I am most certain that the sunshine forecasted for the day will enable us to bring my grandmother out on the porch to oversee the festivities.  What a glorious thing that will be!

Tina, Easter 2014

The April 9th issue of the White County Telegraph will have an article about me.  I am still getting used to being interviewed, and it only makes me slightly nervous.  It’s amazing that, I can face a crowd of 1000, sing a song I never even rehearsed at a karaoke show, or read from one of my novels to a crowd of well-wishers….but you put me one on one with a reporter and I freeze like a popsicle.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.


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