Welcome to New Followers

I saw that I had some new followers so I figured it was time to update my readers on what’s been happening in the Festival world.


First, again we are close to the beginning of SPRING, and all the magic it entails.

New Author Photo

Robin Lynn Wildes

With so many inches of snow in the Northeast, so much cold ice and rain in the South, I am sure I am not alone in welcoming this long overdue season!

Spring Festival in Abbeville, SC will be April 30-May 2.  I will be up on the square at some time during that weekend, ready to share my goodies and books.

Book Three, “Building Toward Forever” will be available on May 5th.  But I will have some pre-orders available, and some sneak peek paperbacks for sale.

The Fourth, and final book in the series, “Night Music” will release in time for Christmas.

Personally things have been challenging with the care of my grandmother.  She needs to have constant companionship, and I am not the type to just put the TV on and leave her alone.  SO, that is why the 3rd book has taken so long to come about.  By the time she goes to bed at night, I am exhausted!

Hope to have these cards available for all convention attendees

I am planning to attend the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention, this year in Dallas, Texas.  I will have some exciting giveaways and promotional items available, so if you are in the area May 13-19th, please drop me a line so we can meet!  I always love meeting my readers.Promotional items I will have on my table




Now a little snippet of information on the upcoming sequel to “No Strings”:

“Building Toward Forever”

Book Three will take you to Abbeville on New Year’s Eve.  A gala First Night celebration finds Adriana Evans, youngest daughter of Clyde and Sylvia Evans, upset and disturbed by the impending visit of architect Preston Cartwright.  Preston was a friend in college, and the room-mate of her boyfriend Brian. One night, when he escorted her to an awards dinner, he crossed the line of friendship against his better judgement, and kissed her at the end of the evening.  The kiss was remembered fondly by both, but outside of a few taciturn emails, the two never spoke of the evening again.  The upcoming refurbishing of the county firehouse brings Preston to her hometown, and Adriana, now unattached, is surprised to find out that her mother, a committee member, has offered the family homestead for his accommodations.

Adriana is a cake decorator, more distinctly, a Master Sugar Artist.  Her creations in confections have won her various awards and she is on the fast track to success.  Television producers are vying for her to appear on various cooking shows and contests, and she is considering this when the romance of a lifetime begins as Preston starts to pursue her again.

A whirlwind romance ensues, amid the colorful backdrop of Abbeville, and Preston’s hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Building a life together takes a firm foundation.  Love and trust are the keys to that solid base, and Preston works hard to win that from his chosen mate.


I hope you will enjoy the third book in the series, and I promise it won’t be so long before you hear from me again.




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