Authors helping authors, indie vs traditional…oh my!

The banner and cover of Book Two...>NO STRINGS<

The banner and cover of Book Two…>NO STRINGS<


Well it’s almost time.

Time for another tour, time for another baby to be released into the world.  Time for new fans and friends to meet me in the various places that I will be traveling this summer.

We are going to launch “NO STRINGS” in Abbeville, South Carolina, this year.  There are several places that are looking forward to hosting a booMilano's Grille, Abbeville SC   Perfect spot for a book signing!!k signing, and the people are just wonderful and supportive.

From Abbeville we will be going to Alabama, Florida and then back to Georgia.  I hope I get to meet a lot of people.  It is exciting to travel and get so many ideas and inspiration.

Of course, it won’t be very long before I will be knee deep into “Building on Forever”, Book Three.  Hard to believe, don’t you think?

Some of the fantastic people I have met will be pleased to know that I am planning a more hands on approach this year.  I have stickers, coffee samples, some key chains and bookmarks, maybe even a giveaway or two…I want our FESTIVAL SERIES to really get the recognition that it deserves.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my friends, Dianne Rinella, AR Von, and of course the ever optimistic Wyann “CRICKET” McDonnell for helping me make this series so popular.  To all my new friends and followers at Goodreads…KUDO’s to you as well!!


Be blessed, and be ever covered with love and light!!!




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