Disappointment Leads to Discovery, Time Marches On!

Helen, Ga

Helen, Ga (Photo credit: greenasian)

The PR company that had agreed to take me on as a client for the nominal fee of $300 a month (plus expenses) has walked away before we even began.  I asked them to change a few things on their contract, and repeatedly tried to get in touch with them, but “THEY” walked away from ME, siting a “uncomfortable fit” as their excuse.

Upon further consideration, I feel that your company is not going to be a good fit for me, either.

I want someone who believes in my project, my writing, my style, as it is.  I just don’t see that unanswered emails and posts from Facebook are conveying the proper message.  Do you?

It’s like a relationship.  You see him (her), you approach, or tantalize enough til they approach you, and then you’re off.  The timetable differs, but the course is true.  SO, if after a viable amount of time you find yourself watching movies… alone; going to parties…alone; celebrating holidays…alone; then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your relationship status.

That said, I am turning to my audience.  We can utilize the social media sources we have at hand, (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Constant Contact, Pinterest) and get the news flowing (trending) that my series, “THE FESTIVAL SERIES” is continuing, and we are going to start in HELEN, GA  for the launch.  I think with enough word of mouth spoken we can make the next book in the series,  NO STRINGS, even more popular!

So jump on board.  Share, comment, advise…but be a part…and if there’s a place you think I should visit, a bookstore, a library, a small town in the south…etc….PLEASE let me know!!

Until next time…..

Robin Lynn Wildes


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