What Is Today?

I think it’s Tuesday.

I have been in such a whirlwind lately I have to set alarms on my phone to make sure I don’t miss appointments.

Writing “No Strings” has been going wonderfully.  Those that have read “Love Never Ends” will remember Margo’s spitfire best friend, and Larson’s sister Nikki.  Nikki’s story is much more involved it seems, as she struggles with her life choices and then, along comes the Cowboy looking Joe Lewis.  Joe has his own demons, as a former military pilot, mercenary, and youngest brother in a military family.  When he meets Nikki all sorts of bells start ringing and he is drawn to her like no other woman has ever done.  These two have been dancing along the pages for about five chapters now, and NOW, they’re getting down to business.  But don’t think all goes smooth sailing once Joe gets Nikki right where he wants her…not even close!!!

That’s enought teasing for that…let’s see what else I can tell you.

I got it….Thursday is my birthday.  It’s hard to imagine an almost 49 year old woman excited over her impending birthday but I am a realist.  I know I don’t look like I’m fifty, and as long as I have characters like Nikki to live through, I don’t act like my age either.  We have praise team practice on my birthday, the band “Frankie Miller Band” (with two of our praise band members playing) on Friday and Saturday at a nice little club in Helen, and of Course my book-signing is Saturday in Cornelia.   My daughter also wants to celebrate my birthday,  and culminating it all is my grand-daughter Tori will spend the week with me starting this Saturday as well.  This is a very busy week for me.  But I am blessed.  In all things…every day…I thank God for the many blessings He sees fit to give to me.

And now I am off to complete the very exciting scenes that have been stewing in my mind for the last few hours.

Be blessed, gentle reader…you are always on my mind!


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