Self Promotional Touring the Southern States

Welcome to Abbeville

Welcome to Abbeville (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

Good Afternoon my friends.  This has been an incredible week.  Coming off my successful book signing in Macon, Georgia, I took a 2 day trip to South Carolina.  I met some wonderful people at the Index-Journal, the local paper for Greenwood, South Carolina.  I traveled over to Abbeville and met some fans, signed some books, and took a few pictures for my storyboard.   Then I came home and called a few places and placed an order for more books for my upcoming book signing in Cornelia, Georgia next weekend.


Today I went over to “The Book Store, Books With A’peal”, the wonderful little book store in Cornelia that is having the signing and spent a good hour or so with Glenda, the owner.  She showed me that my book is now listed on the Ingram site  (AMEN!!) and together we created a flyer to be given out to her customers over the next week.  She is going above and beyond for me, I must say, and I am in awe of all she does.  She is much like my heroine, Margo, going the extra mile for her local authors.  I will in turn give her public thanks not only here but in future interviews that I may have.

My biography says I am a proud grandmother.  I am also a proud daughter, grand-daughter, mother and child of God.  The paths that have been recently cleared for me are no more miraculous than the path to righteousness…a simple vow shown true every day of our lives when we choose to follow God’s plan.

Tomorrow my youngest son, Matthew, will be baptized.  I am so grateful to everyone that has helped this come to pass…not excluding our Pastor, Patrick Ballington, for always taking the time to talk to my son while he struggled with his questions.  I will be a proud mother tomorrow for sure, as I am every day as I watch my children grow and mature into wonderful, generous and caring human beings.

One more thing…

Now that “Love Never Ends” has reached her 1st month birthday, I am letting my followers know that today and tomorrow, the book is available on for free download.  This is a $5.99 savings so go over…click…and start reading!!!  You will not be sorry!


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