Google Maps Lie…and Other Discoveries

Good evening!


I know you think I have completely forgotten about this blog, but in my defense I have been so busy the last few days.  I am going to tell you everything that happened…with humor and at times (I hope) laughter.


I left for Macon Ga somewhat early on Wednesday.  Google maps assured me it was a 3 hr 20 minute drive.

That’s the first laugh.

I left at 11:30 and I pulled into a spot at the hotel at around 5 pm!

I got turned around in Athens (scary place when you don’t know where you are!), then again in Watkinsville.  Met some nice people at a Waffle House there that pointed me in the right direction…then again I got lost once I GOT to Macon.  The desk clerk, a really helpful woman named, September, gave me directions and I made it with only a little bit of flutter.

My editor, Wyann McDonnell, met me there about 30 minutes later.

We had dinner, and apparently she spoke to the housekeeping staff because when we got back to the room that evening there were cups and cups for coffee, 4-5 packs of regular coffee, extra Splenda(c) and tea and cocoa for Wyann.

I felt very spoiled.

We spent two days exploring the pretty busy city, getting ready for the signing, which was Saturday.

That went wonderfully.  The books arrived without incident, the room was tastefully decorated, and the refreshments were wonderful.  I met several wonderful people and the staff at the hotel repeatedly requested that we return soon.  So, maybe some bookstore in Macon would like to host a book signing for me??? Just a thought.  Loved the hotel.  (Hilton Garden Inn, Mercer University, 1220 Stadium Blvd., Macon GA!)

Okay then I came home.

Another laugh.

AGAIN I contacted GOOGLE maps and got directions to drive home.  Again they gave me roads that were not marked, and/or DID NOT exist!!  For instance….after getting on the I-10 Loop I was supposed to take Exit 12 to 441-Jefferson/Commerce.

Wonderful.  I’m on the I-10 loop, driving along and I’m counting….Exit 7,  Exit 8, Exit 9, Exit 10A, 10B..then I’m at a 4 way stop!!!!  No more exits!!!  I am on Hwy 29NW.  Luckily I know that Royston is on 29, intersects with Hwy 17N and that road will also take me home.  So…even though I technically got lost…I was fortunate to avoid a lot of traffic through Athens and Commerce…so ….I win!!

I have sold approximately 650 books.  That is including the e-books downloaded from Amazon. (some of which were “free” downloads, but I still get a payment from them)

I am a hit apparently, because the book hasn’t even been out a month yet!  Also, I have had little to no promotion other than word of mouth, and these blog posts.

The article in the Abbeville S.C. paper (Press and Banner), and also one from my hometown paper (The White County News) in Cleveland, Georgia both came out this week.

Today I went to the Shipping Depot, a little shipping store here in Cleveland…to mail a book to a friend of my mother’s.  The clerk asked me to sign the article that was in the paper when she recognized the book we were mailing.  That was cool!

Tomorrow I am traveling back to South Carolina to visit my parents, who are extremely proud of me.  I adore them, and can hardly wait to see them.

I will come home Thursday, and I will write again then.  Who knows what kind of stories I will have for you.


2 thoughts on “Google Maps Lie…and Other Discoveries

  1. Love it….sorry you got lost, but I just call those times ‘adventures’. See? It provided more for you to write about!

  2. thanks for the blog – congratulations, Robin! When things like that happen I just pray, Lord help me find my way and He always does. What an awesome God we serve!!!

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