On The Road Again…….. :-)

In a few short hours I will be on my way to Macon, Georgia, to get ready for the first official book signing for “Love Never Ends, Book One in the Festival Series“.  This road has been frought with bad news, delayed shipments, and mis-communications, but my editor and assistant Wyann McDonnel and I will none the less push forth and get there…Devil be Gone in Jesus’ Name!

photo by Shawn M KnoxSo…shall I give you an update on the book, perhaps?  The free download Sunday, August 12th, went very well.  There were 307 downloads via US; 35 via the UK; and 6 from Germany!  Way to go … I hope each and every person that took advantage of this special was satisfied.  I am amazed at how many people get a free book and don’t think to relate their thoughts to the author!  I will take the silence as a good sign!

Tomorrow night I will be in Macon, at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn, hopefully sipping tea and enjoying some quiet reflection in the lobby with the other guests.  It’s how I roll.

Also tomorrow, people in Abbeville, S.C. will most likely be reading the article about the book.  Join me in a fervant prayer that I have made them proud, and that this beautiful town will get some more recognition as it continues on it’s road to revitalization!

I set down my next book signing for Georgia today…it will be Saturday Sept 1st, at “The Book Store” in Cornelia Ga…home of the incomparable Diana Palmer!!  Looking forward to meeting with the locals at this homecoming of sorts.

I will honestly say that this self-promotion is exhausting and equally exhilarating.

Well I am off to print my map for my trip, and go through my suitcase one more time.

Breakfast with my sons before I leave.  I look forward to it!!!

Good night and take care, faithful reader.  God be with you!


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