Why I Love Sundays

Good Evening faithful reader.

It warms my heart to see so many people following my daily diatribes, even when I find myself with “nothing” to write about, I try to entertain you…and you are always willing to stop by to share my posts.

Sundays are so special to me.  I have been a child of God since the moment He took over my life when I was a teenager visiting my grandparents in South Carolina.  Even though I did not answer the ‘Alter Call’ that day, I turned my life over to Jesus.  It was He that brought me safely through the trials and tribulations of the teenage years, and even though I walked away from organized religion for a while, my God was Faithful and understanding.  No truer words were ever spoken than those said in that now famous poem “Footprints”.  God carried me through the worst things, stood by with silent understanding as I found my way back, and is always at the ready to lead, guide and direct me onto a path that is most assuredly the one HE wants for me.

That being said, I must tell you about the church where my family attends services.

The Bridge Church is an affiliate of the Church of God, but we are more non-denominational.  We believe in the Bible, and that the words therein are as true today as they were when inspired and written 2000+ years ago.  The laws given to us by God’s devine inspiration are un negotiable, Love thy Neighbor as yourself, Forgive so that you will  be forgiven, bring the Word of God to all people…these truths apply now in today’s world as though we were in the times of Jesus.  Jesus came to our world to save EVERYONE, not just the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes.  Our mission is to connect the teaching of Jesus and the Bible with every day life, in whatever manner that we can.  We are a giving church, we love the community in which we live, and reach out to the world through our missions as though our lives depended on it, which, if you follow the teachings of Jesus, it does.

Today we went live streaming.  We had 61 people attend our online church service.  There were only a few glitches from what I understand, but we did not hold anything back.  Our leader, Pastor Patrick Ballington delivered a message that gave us all insight as to why we war with ourselves in our ever seeking effort to live a Godly life.  Our music was both uplifting and traditional, and most importantly, we gave our all to God, and He in turn called people to His order.

Now that I sit in my office, poised at the ready to continue working on my second novel, I am reminded of that glorious time spent with God, among my family and church friends.  On my pew this morning were all of my children, my daughter’s fiance, my ex-husband, 2 friends and the lead guitar player for our praise team.  Behind me were other friends; before me, the pastor and our associates.  The Lord is good and faithful, and since He has seen fit to forgive me of my own shortsightedness…I must do the same.

My heart is good.  I have found Righteousness in Him today.  I will be forgiven, even when those human thoughts make me angry.  We will overcome all things through Christ Jesus….and most assuredly….”It Is Well”


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