Been Away, But Did You Miss Me?

Hello my faithful reader…I know it’s been a long time.

This past week I had a chance to go home to my parents house in Greenwood, South Carolina.  I left right after church on Sunday, and didn’t make it home until Thursday night, just in time for Praise Team practice.  We are going LIVE tomorrow morning…so if you are so inclined….join us at the BRIDGE CHURCH  by going to and click on the side box that says “Live Feed”.  We will start services at 10:30  am  EST.   Hope to “see” you there!!

I went shopping with my mom for school clothes for my grand-daughter Tori, and while we were shopping, my mom surprised me by getting me some clothes for my upcoming trip to Macon.  It was an early birthday present…my birthday is at the end of the month  (Aug. 30th). I have wonderful parents.

While there, I had a chance to stop by the local newspaper, “The Press and Banner”, in Abbeville.  They are so excited about the book.  I will be making a pilgrimage back there for the Olde Time Thanksgiving Festival this November, to sign books and meet people in and among the wonderful people of that fair city.  There will be an article coming out this coming week.  It was my first interview.

I don’t dwell on the lack of sales.  I am but one in about 240,000 books published this year…so around 300 sales is pretty good as far as I’m concerned.  I also have 20 followers on Twitter, which is more than I ever had as simply ROBIN LYNN, Karaoke singer…lol.

I signed books, met people, laughed, and even found time to write down a few thoughts for “No Strings”,  which will sit well with those people that “can’t wait” for the sequel.

The simple fact that I am now a published author is enough for me.  Life is good, and I’m following my dream.  How many people can actually say that anymore?!

My mom's garden



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