Saturday–Cloudy with a Chance of Tears

English: Helen, Georgia

English: Helen, Georgia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When someone sets out to be a writer, they attend conferences, read everything they can, write everything,(even the junk that is later discarded) and never EVER think to themselves…”I’m going to be famous one day”.  Oh, sure the dreamers may think that, but that one in a million true WRITER does it for the love, not the fame.

This is of course my opinion, but I can be pretty sure that there are those that agree with me.  Awards, rave reviews, and hefty sales are the gravy on the meatloaf of the craft.

One of the most prolific statements ever made to me was one by the great Kathryn Falk, editor in chief of Romantic Times magazine.  She said simply, “write what you know.”

Today I am reminded of the losses I’ve had in my life.  To put them down in worded form will be like tearing off a band-aid…quick, painful, but none the less necessary.

So much pain, and yet I have chosen to move foreward, as those that have gone on to the next world would never want those tears shed at their departure.

I am going to account 3.  There were many before, inbetween, and definitely to come; but these three losses speak volumes in my life.

In the order with which they were experienced…

Feb 14, 2001.  Richard Barrs.  This man was a rock to me…Confined to a wheelchair, but only for mobility.  The people around Helen, Georgia, will remember this curly haired spit fire guitar player as nothing more than enigmatic.  His zest for life and all things fun gave him such an appeal there were none that would say they didn’t have a fond memory of him.  He wrote music, sang beautifully, and if you got to know him as a friend, you’d never see the wheelchair, but rather only the man that shared his heart and soul through his music.  Okay, and that bright grin that he shared with those he called his friends.  We lost him, but we will never forget him.

April 18, 2004.  BL Page.  This was my grand-father.  We called him Paw-paw, and he was the head of our household, home, even life.  He was an Army veteran, a certified Locksmith, a simple shoe repairman, and along with his wife, Evelyn, he was an example to what true love really is.  They married Dec 20, 1941  and were married 62 years when he passed.  She was but 17 to his older 30 something when they wed, but the family they raised (4 girls, 2 boys) knew love, laughter, Faith, and loyalty.  It is their example that springs forth my passion for telling a true LOVE story, and even though he is no longer with us, his voice resonates in my heart.

and finally,

July 25, 2009  Kathy Wildes.  This was my aunt…but much more, she was like my sister.  There was not a moment in my life that I did not have her there, either cheering me on, or just having a presence.  Her death seems senseless (Swine Flu of all things!)…but it set me on my way.  For throughout her entire life she gave of herself to everyone, except herself.  She cared for her mother, my “Nana”, she looked after her big brother, (my dad), and even when Nana was gone, she went to take care of my great aunt.  She was  always a care-taker, always a friend…but hardly ever did she give to herself.  I vowed to stop holding back, stop waiting until tomorrow, but rather live for today…love and not be afraid to love, and most importantly, to never take no for an answer, just a re-direction.

I smile now thinking that there are 3 angels in the heavens watching over us all.

I hope they are smiling too.


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