Mid-week Mania

Main Street, Helen, Ga

See yourself riding in this carriage? Joe and Nikki take a ride in “No Strings” the sequel to “Love Never Ends”

I bet you were wondering if I was going to be here today….TA DAH!!!  here I am.

Okay, yes it’s 3 am and technically THURSDAY…but I am here.

I am trying to stay positive about the publishing world but I heard back from Romantic Times Magazine today and quite honestly I think they’ve lost their mind!
Not only was I expected to have the book in their hands 4 months before publishing (um.hello…I finished it and we went to press) but they sent me a nice write up about how I could ADVERTISE in their magazine for $800 or better.


I was excited to see my Royalty check was over $50.00!!  This made me almost cry!

But, rally I did, and now I’m even more determined to get publicity for this project.  SO, in view of that, let me explain the reason for my series.

THE FESTIVAL SERIES is a collection of four books, (may change depending on reader comments etc) that eventually showcase small town life in various parts of the South.  They will always take a visit to Abbeville, South Carolina, where the fictional Evans Family lives, loves, works, and thrive.  I will also take the reader to visit other towns, like Helen, Georgia, Seneca, South Carolina, and even some out of the South like Newburyport, Massachusetts, a little seacoast town on the banks of the Merrimac River.  The three sisters and brother all have stories to tell, and the people in their lives will help tell that story throughout the series.

My ultimate goal is to get the tourism for these small but not forgotten towns to rise, so that the reader can actually go somewhere, like Abbeville, and imagine the characters milling around the brick lined streets.

When the movie, “Sleeping With the Enemy” came out, I was living in New Hampshire.  I watched the movie dozens of times, seeing the streets of Abbeville depicted there with Julia Roberts in the foreground.  When I returned “home” in 1992 I took the time to go visit the square, walking along the streets, sitting in the square, even going down Magazine Street to see the two houses, side by side, that the studio had fixed up to their needs.

I want people to do that with my books.

I can’t be the only one that likes to bring more reality to their love of fiction.

Just look at the fanatics that flock to Forks, Washington, every year thanks to the popularity of the Twilight Series.

Here’s hoping.



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