Sunday’s Musings

Good Evening,

Today my book was available for a free download.  It was a decision that I made when I was first accepted into the Kindle Direct Publishing program.  We have all enjoyed reading those free books, and indeed, at times, have found a new favorite author.  Now, after knowing there were almost 200 downloads, I know that some people are out there reading these musings of mine.

I have been pretty busy today.  My bio says that I am a singer/songwriter…but the back of my book actually tells the reader that I am a member of the PRAISE team at our church.
Our church, THE BRIDGE…is something amazing in this world we live in today.  Our leaders teach us Biblical principals and life application…simply stating…we connect that faith we learn by following Jesus to the daily life we live in the world.

Today, we met for breakfast, as we do every Sunday.  Then after a brief meeting in our auditorium, we broke into groups and went out among our community, providing services to the people of our county.  We called it, “Church in Action”, or CIA for short.   We all wore t-shirts ablaze with the specially designed logo, and got to work.

Some went to a nursing home, some picked up trash along the roads.  Some provided much needed yard work for our elderly, or infirm.  What do you think I picked?

I handed out water bottles and smiles at a local gas station while my fellow workers pumped gas, washed windows and even ran the money into the store for the patrons.

Only twice did we have someone refuse to ignore our pleas for NO payment, and we covertly passed it on to the next needy person in line.  (that one driver that had $5.00 in change ended up with $10.00 worth of gas!)

At the end of our time together we were laughing, and I for one had the most gratifying experience in a long time.

It is a nice way to share the word of God, don’t you agree!!?!


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